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Caspeo Bilco 3.0
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Data reconciliation software for mass balance engineering

 BILCO is the most advanced software application available for data reconciliation by mass balance. BILCO enables to get consistent and coherent mass balances from raw data measured on the processed material flow rates of a plant or a pilot plant. Indeed, establishing consistent material balance can be difficult because raw datasets are unbalanced due to measurement errors. To which data should I give the priority? How can I ensure that the most reliable data are better considered than the least precise data?

BILCO is the solution. Based on the most advanced reconciliation algorithm on the market, BILCO performs coherent mass balance taking into account the different precision levels of your raw data (including the sampling error calculated using ECHANT). The precision of your entire dataset is improved, and the missing data are estimated.

 Key benefits

  • More accurate and consistent data
  • Clearer view of the process operation
  • Unmeasured flows calculation
  • Reliable performance indicators

 Main features

  • Graphical user interface
  • Powerful mass balance and data reconciliation algorithm 
  • Highly configurable material description, enabling to consider material composition, size classes, types of particles.
  • Detailed reconciliation results table exportable to Excel

 Applications fields

  • Mineral processing
  • Metallurgical plants
  • Waste sorting and recycling
  • Biomass processing and agroindustry
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants

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